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RC Drawing


CADS RC 2018 is now released and available free of charge to all maintained customers. This release adds support for AutoCAD 2018 & AutoCAD Architecture 2018. As a leading UK authorised AutoCAD developer we ensure our software is always compatible with their latest release.

As well as the general functionality improvements and corrections we have now:

  • Improved the “Order Materials” dialogue to allow the user to create a new folder for production output.
  • Updated the Soulé file output so it now includes bar marks for straight bars, based on the configuration. If the configuration, “Include bar mark for straight bars” is set to ‘Yes’, then the bar mark will be output for the straight bars and if it is set to ‘No’, then the bar mark will not be output.

​If you have CADScover just contact us and we will send you the 2018 update.

View the release notes in full.

Find out more about CADS RC.

If you don’t have CADS RC yet, give us a call or use our request form for more information and prices.

Find out about our software maintenance and support service – CADScover.

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